Tight Budget

At the moment it seems that quite a few customers are taking a look at their gardens to see how to make the most of them during the summer months and beyond. I recently installed cable down to a garden office for a customer who runs his own business and needed additional space to work from. To keep costs down he dug the trench necessary to bury the cables in. Outside cabling needs to be buried at a certain depth in order to comply with regulations and keep them safe, which can be a lot of work depending on the length of the garden, but this preparation work by the customer ensured that our labour costs were kept down.

The same is true for indoor electrical work. Quite often when we are called out to rewire a house, a lot of time is spent taking up carpets or moving furniture, and this all adds to the labour costs. We don’t mind doing it, we are being paid to do it, but if you’re on a tight budget or just want to ensure that we’re spending the majority of our time doing the electrical work that we are qualified to do, it’s worth thinking about what you the customer can do to help speed the work along.

That said, when you engage RJCElectrics to work in your property we are happy willing and able to provide a full service, to provide you with the electrical work you require, and to leave your property clear and tidy at the end of the work. We pride ourselves on caring about the homes we work in and the customers we work with.

Keep safe out there.