Security Lights.

Outdoor lighting can help to scare off unwanted intruders. Burglars are generally looking out for easy targets.
Putting outside security lighting around you home is one of many things you can do to keep your home secure. Here are a few ideas for outside lighting that might help you boost your home’s security.

1. Surround the home with light.
Most people only consider putting lighting at the front or the rear of the house.
The front of your home is where any burglar is least likely to target.
The main pathways are the main places to consider. It is also best to make sure that all around your home is also well lit. Including around your back garden.
Always make sure your doorways are well lit. It will not only scare off the intruders but it will also help to aid you at night.

2. Finding the best positioning for your lights.
When you are considering where to position your lighting around your home, think about the quantity of lights you’ll need and the area of ground they will cover when lit.
Lights that are higher from the ground, shining downwards will light a much bigger radius, meaning you won’t have so many blind spots. This will also have the effect of less light pollution, as you’ll need fewer lights.
Don’t go too high. The higher the light is, the brighter the light will need to be, using more energy and also you will have more probability of annoying your neighbours.

3. Where will your outdoor lighting appear?
When you decide to plan where your outdoor lighting is going to go, make sure that you cover all areas. Make sure that you cover any blind spots around your property so that there isn’t anywhere for an intruder to hide.

4. Protecting your outside lighting.
All of the security lighting around your home is there to help protect you. But what about you making sure that you protect your security lighting?
Intruders can, and will if necessary, cut the power to your lights if needs be, to help them break into your home. Always make sure your cables are in areas that are hard to reach and difficult to tamper with.

5. Try and use lighting that actually deters intruders.
If you only have a couple of bright lights that you leave on all night, this can be counterproductive to your home security.
Only having a couple of lights will leave loads of shadows and blind spots which intruders love to use as a place to hide.
Remember, if you leave the lights are on all night, people are less likely to notice anything suspicious.

6. Always use white or clear bulbs.
White or clear bulbs are much brighter, clearer and are more likely to help any witnesses see the intruder in your home.
Coloured lights will distort what people can see or CCTV picks up, such as the colour of the clothes an intruder is wearing.

7. Don’t be predictable.
Many intruders will take their time choosing the home they want to target.
They will take all factors in to consideration including your routine.
If an intruder knows when you’re less likely to be home, they’ll make sure that they target your home then.
As well as motion sensor security lighting, you can also use a timer that makes your internal lighting come on giving the impression that you’re home at all times of the day. You can adjust these to be tailored to your own design to throw any potential intruder who is watching your routine.

8. Lighting maintenance.
Outdoor lighting will quickly collect dirt and dust, so take some time each month to check and clean all your outdoor lights. Also if a bulb has blown, make sure you replace it, and be sure to do so quickly.