Loose Connections / Electrical Faults

General wear and tear, old wiring, age, vibrations, environmental conditions;
These are just some of the reasons you can get loose electrical connections within your electrical installation.
Loose connections can cause arcing and overheating which can cause further corrosion of the wiring, and in time, can cause the failure of the electrical connection which in turn can lead to increased levels of heat generating at the connections which could eventually lead to combustion and fire.
On older installations it is recommended that all the circuits should be tested at regular intervals to check the deterioration of the installation wiring.
New installations are recommended to be checked ten years after the initial installation, this is subject to third parties adding additional circuits or making alterations in any way.
If you have issues with lights flickering, burning smells, crackling noises or buzzing near the consumer unit (fuse box) smelling of Bakelite, then these type of things could indicate that you have an underlying issue/s within your installation.
If you have any of these issues or your properties installation is older than ten years it is recommended that you have an EICR undertaken. (electrical installation condition report)
This is basically an MOT for your electrics. A car with no MOT is dangerously unsafe to drive, therefore an electrical installation that’s been untested for years can also be very dangerous.
An EICR will pull up any issues /defects / non-conformities within the installation and these will be pointed out to you and recommendations put forward to bring these up to current electrical standards.
If your property’s electrics are old / don’t work as they should / have not been checked for years, or you just want peace of mind,
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