Child's Bedroom Safety.

Electrical Safety in your Child’s Bedroom A child’s bedroom should be a safe place for them to play, sleep and study but by giving them the latest must have gadgets and all kinds of electrical devices you could be unintentionally creating a danger zone…read on for some tips on improving electrical safety in your child’s… Read more »

Fake Chargers.

Buying chargers. Sub-standard and counterfeit electrical chargers can be deadly. There is an increase in the number of incidents being reported about faulty electrical goods, particularly fake, cheap and unbranded chargers – many of which fail to meet UK safety regulations and can lead to electric shock, injury and cause fires. With that in mind,… Read more »

Loose Connections / Electrical Faults

General wear and tear, old wiring, age, vibrations, environmental conditions; These are just some of the reasons you can get loose electrical connections within your electrical installation. Loose connections can cause arcing and overheating which can cause further corrosion of the wiring, and in time, can cause the failure of the electrical connection which in… Read more »

Why you should consider having a home safety check (EICR)

An Electrical Installation Condition Report or an EICR is a safety check conducted by an electrician to report on the state of the electrical installation in your home – think of it like a MOT for a building. For privately owned domestic properties, it’s not a statutory requirement to have an EICR, it’s just a… Read more »

Merry Christmas

RJCElectrics would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Store the Sun.

Store the Sun- External lighting can be expensive, as there are all sorts of regulations on how to install external cables safely (never attempt this yourself…Well, unless your a qualified electrician) However there is a wide range of solar energy garden lights available in a vast array of designs. Provided you buy decent lighting with… Read more »

Lightening the cost of Lighting.

On average, using standard light bulbs, 12.5% of your electricity bill is from lighting. If you change to energy saving bulbs, this can reduce the cost considerably. Admittedly, low energy are more expensive to buy, but they last roughly ten times longer than standard bulbs and they use a quarter of the energy. Also, the… Read more »

Money Tumbling out of your account?

As the weather turns cold and drizzly, many of you may start using tumble driers to get your laundry done quickly. Did you know that a tumble drier is the second biggest energy user in the home (fridges being the first) If you need to use the dryer then make sure the laundry is as… Read more »

Standby to Spend Money.

In a world where we like everything to be immediate, it is common practice to leave your electrical appliances on standby. However, this means that each appliance is still using electricity, which adds to your bill. Switch off at the power button, or at the socket and you’ll be saving money and energy

Things That Go Bump…

Things That Go Bump… And I’m not talking about ghosts and headless horsemen that may roam around your premises at night…although these can seem harmless when compared to a little device called an RCD which could be none existent in your home. I really believe that the RCD has been a ground-breaking invention in the… Read more »

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