Christmas Lights.

Electrical safety at Christmas After 12 months packed away in the loft or garage, Christmas lights can easily become electrically unsafe. To help prevent the most common electrical problems with Christmas lights, and to enjoy a safe and happy festive season, RJCElectrics recommend the following simple precautions and checks. ALWAYS: Always, read and follow the manufacturers’… Read more »

The Dangers of Microwaves

Microwave safety. Disclaimer Microwaves are safe. Domestic microwave ovens have been available since the mid 1950s and in all this time there has been no credible evidence to suggest that they are in any way harmful to human health in normal use. The risk of injury from microwave radiation is effectively non-existent. The main danger… Read more »

Don’t be frightened to ask.

Social awkwardness – and a reluctance to ask potentially embarrassing questions is putting millions of people at risk of electrical disaster. Asking your electrician to prove that they are registered is nothing to feel awkward about. While the majority of us claim to use registered tradespeople, only one in five actually ask for proof. Having… Read more »

Me and Billy

  Me and the one and only Billy Byrnes from DIY SOS What a great chap, really friendly and a pleasure to be around.

Simple tips for kitchen safety

    Don’t leave electrical appliances like dishwashers or washing machines running unattended Don’t wrap flexible cables around any equipment when it is still warm Check that flexible leads and appliances such as kettles and toasters are in good condition Don’t try to repair an appliance when it is still plugged in Never try to… Read more »

Parents – keep your children safe from electricity

Preparing for the arrival of a first child can be a stressful time for parents. Around two thirds of parents will carry out electrical DIY in the home as part of the preparation. However, they often do so without taking the necessary safety precautions and as children grow they can also be exposed to all… Read more »

Electric Blankets

Electric blanket safety To help you stay safe and warm in winter and to help reduce the number of unsafe electric blankets being used in homes, we recommend that you follow these simple steps when purchasing, using, storing and disposing of your electric blanket. Choosing an electric blanket When looking to buy an electric blanket… Read more »

Christmas Safety

    Ho ho ho! The festive season is in full swing and homes across the UK are twinkling with fairy lights and Christmas cheer. But are you taking dangerous risks with your safety during the holidays? With an average of 102 fires in England each day last December, it’s important to keep electrical safety… Read more »

Portable Heaters.

  As energy bills continue to rise, are you worried about how you are going to heat your home during the winter? Using a portable heater to stay warm is a popular alternative to centrally heating the whole of your home. But heaters are responsible for 4% of accidental house fires each year, as well… Read more »

Electrics when travelling.

When you are travelling, you should never assume you are as protected abroad as you are at home. Electricity safety standards in the UK are higher than in many other countries. Apart from some of the obvious differences, like plugs and sockets, there are other aspects you should be aware of. For example, electricity supplies… Read more »

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