Bank holidays DIY

OK, so Spring has arrived and we have a couple of Bank Holidays in May to enjoy. Now traditionally in the UK, Bank Holidays are spent in retail parks, in crowded shops and/or attempting DIY.

If that’s your plan, then I wish you well. But more than that, I wish you safety. So many accidents happen to DIYers who just don’t know how to work safely. Painting and decorating, ok fairly safe, provided that you use ladders properly (make sure it is secure, don’t stand on the top rung, don’t over stretch whilst standing on the ladder) and hanging pictures is safe enough… Isn’t it? Well, do you know where the electric cables are in your walls? Better check before driving that metal nail into the wall!

As for gas, water and electrics, please don’t try DIY on these. Speaking on behalf of qualified professional electricians, we spend a great deal of time and money being trained to keep up with the latest regulations and we are assessed each year by our governing body. Now we wouldn’t have to do that if electrics were easy and safe. As I said last year, please let DIY in your home stand for Don’t Injury Yourself!